Welcome to Border View Elk Ranch.

Welcome to Border View Elk Ranch.

Border View Elk Ranch is the premier elk hunting ranch on the northern plains of North Dakota. Hunt trophy Rocky Mountain bull elk on the rolling plains not far from where the Lewis and Clark expedition passed through.


While the success of your elk hunt is 100% guaranteed, it is customized to be as challenging as you aspire it to be.

Direction to ranch

Some information about how to get to the Border View Elk Ranch.


Every year is quite different. During our hunting months, you’ll typically find September’s high at 67 with a low of 40; October’s high at 53 with a low of 28; and November’s high at 31 with a low of 11. Snow regularly arrives when its ready. We’ve had blizzards in early October and some years we hunt in short sleeve t-shirts in November.


what to bring

Whether you’re at a complete loss for what to bring or you just want a quick recap before heading out, make sure you have these essentials.