About Us

Border View Elk Ranch, an elk hunting preserve, was established by Chad Lawler in 2020. Chad, a second-generation elk rancher, decided to diversify the family business to include elk hunting.


Although elk hunting is a relatively new addition to the ranch, the Lawler’s have been avid outdoorsmen for over a century.
In 1886 the Lawler family homesteaded a small ranch which included grain farming, raising Polled Shorthorn cattle and Columbia sheep here on northern North Dakota plains.

In 1996 a decision was made to add elk to the ranch.

Since then much time has been spent expanding the genetic base of their herd to get to where the ranch is today. Chad is extremely proud of the great heritage and welcome the opportunities and endure the struggles of working the ranch.


Chad currently operates the ranch much the same as his forefathers before him. Lawler's experience here on the northern U.S. border has led to a few changes in their management style. Having lived here for generations the Lawler's have learned how to manage their ranch to survive the drought, severe winters and predators.