We believe that the experience of the hunt is as important as the size the bull elk you hunt. When you hunt with us you decide yourself which one of the many bulls you see will be the trophy bull for you, regardless of what he will score. Our pricing is not based on the inch, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder! The last the thing we want you to be worried about when that monster bull of a lifetime materializes is how much he is going to cost. We want you to be caught up in the excitement and thrill of the hunt all of us search for every time we enter the woods.


Shots generally range anywhere from 50-200 yards with many different bulls coming and going over the course of your hunt, offering many different shot opportunities.


The trophy bulls in our preserve are a product of over 20+ years of a very intense breeding program that has always put its focus primarily on growing a big, wide Typical framed 6x6 bull with long tines and huge mass.

Hunters enjoy incredible hunting experiences for trophy bulls throughout our entire 3 month hunting season, taking high scoring bulls all the way to the end. Scores on the trophy bulls will range up to 380 SCI.


All payments in U.S. Funds
Guaranteed Funds only: money order, cashiers check or cash

*Cow hunts are 1 day only. They are fully guided with field dressing and skinning included.


Bulls over 380 SCI call for availability and pricing
COW ELK: $2,900